Urban Mining Company has commercialized its process for producing recycled Nd-Fe-B type sintered magnets using our patent Magnet-to-Magnet™ process for producing recycled NdFeB type sintered magnets.

Urban Mining Company’s Grain Boundary Engineering™ and Grain Boundary Modification™ technology increases overall performance while reducing Dysprosium (Dy) % content.

Urban Mining Company is currently building a state-of-the-art NdFeB magnet manufacturing facility and laboratory in the U.S. - Urban Mining is the only NdFeB producer in the U.S.
Urban Mining Company's multi-disciplinary approach to NdFeB production includes:

Materials Engineering
Product Development
Software Development
Implementation & Monitoring
Process Engineering
Supply Chain Analysis
Mechanical/Hydraulic Automation
Urban Mining Company’s NdFeB sintered magnets support the innovation and development of technological applications across an array of high-growth industrial sectors:
Clean Energy
Defense & Aerospace
NdFeB Recycled Sintered Magnet Commercial Range