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Urban Mining Company was founded in 2014 with the goal to transform the world’s supply of Nd-Fe-B rare earth magnets by developing the fastest, most practical, and cost-competitive path to manufacturing using alternative resources that are not dependent on China and less costly on the environment.
The future is electric and magnetic materials play a critical role in our high-tech, low-carbon future. Our goal is to give end-users no reason for failing to develop and deploy the most powerful, most efficient electric motors. Urban Mining is about our relationship with resources and offers a model that redefines resource scarcity through technology. Our approach is the most practical path towards resource efficiency, resource independence, and a low-carbon economy. And now, at least for these rare earth materials, we can all stop playing footsie with China.
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supply chain
Urban Mining Company delivers high performance Nd-Fe-B rare earth magnet products to end-users that remove supply/price risk threatening the development of high-tech, energy-efficient applications.
Procurement of Nd-Fe-B magnets from Urban Mining Company translates into reduced dependency and mitigated supply chain risk.
Additionally, Urban Mining Company's supply chain and raw material costs are not tied to market manipulations and fluctuations in the price of rare earth oxides (REOs), thereby eliminating supply interruptions and sudden price increases.
UMC derives >95% of the elements required for manufacture from recycled source material, immediately reducing raw material dependency and providing additional buffer against volatility in the raw material price and supply chain risk.
UMC is an American company based in Texas creating American jobs in the high-tech manufacturing sector. Urban Mining Company delivers engineered solutions with reduced lead times.
Urban Mining Company is the sole domestic producer of Nd-Fe-B magnetic materials and its products are fully compliant with 10 U.S.C. §2533c(c)(3)(C) and DFARS 252.225-7052. Urban Mining Company produces its materials in the United States in compliance with these laws and regulations. UMC is the perfect partner for supplying high-performance Nd-Fe-B magnets to meet Department of Defense or other national security customer needs.
energy & environment
Urban Mining Company/M2M™ eliminates the most environmentally detrimental aspects of the value chain for manufacturing Nd-Fe-B magnets including mining, beneficiation, leaching, and solvent extraction. Recycling also avoids hazardous, radioactive by products Thorium (Th) and Uranium (U) associated with primary production.
The recovery of rare earth during our process is 90% or better, where less than 5% of additional raw materials necessary for manufacturing, drastically reducing demand for raw materials and associated impact on the environment of mining activity.
Our technology demonstrates 95% energy savings compared to traditional manufacturing.
Over 40% savings alone due to the reduction in melting and alloying steps.
Our technology has demonstrated more than 11-ton of CO2 emissions saved for every ton of magnet we produce (approximately >10,000 tons of CO2 for every 1,000-ton of magnets production).
Our technology (on average) reduces overall environmental impact by all other measures by between 30-50%.
the right team for the challenge
Urban Mining Company's team of scientists and engineers are diverse, drawing on expertise in chemistry, physics, engineering, mathematics, and computer science to commercialize its magnet technology and usher a new era of smart magnet manufacturing.
The company has now grown to a team of more than 25, with an additional 100 manufacturing jobs being created over the next few years right here in the United States.
Our new facility in San Marcos, TX is state-of-the-art and has been recently completed, ready for delivery of magnet materials, products, and systems to our customers this year.
1550 clovis barker rd, san marcos, tx 78666, usa

1550 Clovis Barker Rd
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