Plating Engineer

We are seeking a plating engineer with 5+ years of experience as an R&D and formulation chemist in surface finishing for direct manufacturing and commercialization. Expertise in electroplating metals and metallic alloys in aqueous solutions, pre-treatment (cleaning, pickling, Zn and Mn phosphate, etc.), and diagnosis and failure analysis of coatings.

We need this person to assist in the selection, design, definition, optimization, and control of electroplating and corrosion-resistance plating processes. These processes will be instrumental in properly applying corrosion-resistant coatings to UMC products. Other responsibilities include supporting the QC team by identifying cost-effective solutions for controlling parameters in order to ensure that customers’ critical to quality characteristics are met 100% of the time. As part of this, the ideal candidate will ensure that any process implemented eliminates all non-conforming parts. This aspect of the job will grow in importance as the process parameters and conditions are defined.

Other tasks could involve preparing proposals, supporting the quoting process and customer’s process design; participating in the design of other plating projects, including automated production lines and related facilities installation; working with multi-disciplinary teams, including mechanical, electrical, R&D and business development to select the formulations and processes for each project; and training production personnel.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

•   Design experiments for coating process optimization.
•   Design experiments for coating processes validation.
•   Supporting the QC team in sampling analysis for process and product quality control.
•   Manage storage of materials, supplies, reports, corrosion tests, data and data analysis.
•   Liaising with vendors, suppliers, customers, regulators, and environmental consultants.
•   Understanding budgets, forecasting.
•   Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Skills

•   Familiar with corrosion testing techniques and standards (ASTMB117, etc.)
•   Basic knowledge of inferential statistics.
•   Analytical chemistry: wet chemistry, AA, selective probe, HPLC, UV, FTIR, TOC, CV
•   Material characterization: SEM/EDS, XRD, DSC, TGA, DMA
•   Transitioning processes from R&D pilot to manufacturing scale-up
•   Keywords: inorganic and water soluble organic chemistry, electrode interface reactions, redox equations, corrosion, surfactants, colloids, material science, environmental and wastewater treatment, microbial fuel cells
•   Advanced computer skills, including SPSS, Word, Excel, and Power Point
•   Knowledge of Design Of Experiments approach to process optimization (appreciated but not required).
•   Ability to use other data analysis software such as OriginLab or others (appreciated but not required).
•   Excellent organizational and time management skills, with the ability to manage multiple tasks in the same time frame.
•   Must be a good problem solver and enjoy a dynamic, collaborative, and team-oriented work environment.
•   Attention to detail.
•   Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
•   Strong problem solving ability, and analytical skills.
•   Willingness to travel domestically or abroad if required.
•   Ability to work in a fast paced and deadline driven environment.

Preferred Skills

•   Developing formulas and prepare tests trials in functional/decorative coatings heavy industry – e.g. automotive, materials science, and oilfield applications
•   Assisting technical service teams in understanding and implementing fresh release of R&D processes
•   Creating additives with a variety of materials, including but not limited to, Ni, Zn, Cu, Sn, Sb, Fe, Cr, Co, Ag.
•   Designing of pilot line tests, and training of technical personnel to develop operational parameters
If you would like to apply for this position, please send us an email at, specify for which position you are applying, and include your CV.

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