R-NdFeB   |   GBE
Recovered waste NdFeB is directly inserted into the Magnet-to-Magnet™ recycling process. Our recycling method does not require that material be chemically reduced/converted to pure elements, and exhibits maximum efficiency by eliminating energy and chemical intensive processes traditionally used including refining, alloying, and strip casting. The Urban Mining process is clean - zero chemical inputs and wastewater.
Restoring and improving the magnetic properties for the recycled NdFeB product occurs across all stages of production:
  Waste Material Preparation
  Grain Size Control
  Densification Profile
  Composition Control
  Alignments of Nd2Fe14B1 grain
  Oxygen Suppression
Urban Mining Company‚Äôs M-2-M™ product exhibits improved performance characteristics including remanence, coercivity, and energy product.
99.5% Recycled Magnet with
High Energy and Improved Coercivity

97% Recycled Magnet with Augmented Coercivity for
High Temperature Applications