smart manufacturing
smart manufacturing at urban mining company is ultimately aimed at improving product performance and manufacturing operations and efficiency in order to return compounding value to our customers.
Urban Mining Company has implemented key digitalization strategies for “smart magnet manufacturing”, including integration of Smart Systems and AI, in order to produce higher performance materials and products at greater efficiency in an environment that ensures and continuously improves quality, flexibility, agility, traceability, sustainability, and heath/safety. UMC’s manufacturing capability integrates neural network development that supports artificial intelligence applications across its manufacturing operations. UMC’s self-learning capability optimizes process conditions and parameters to produce high performance Nd-Fe-B magnets while driving continued value creation for our customers.
UMC smart technologies feature: Automation; Quality Control, AI Inspection; Data Mining & Text Mining; AI (&ML/DL) Material Informatics Platforms; Analysis & Traceability; Cyber Security.

In addition to our material source and cost advantage, Urban Mining Company has control over every aspect of the magnet production process, from end-of-life materials used in manufacturing to alloys, mixing, blending, milling, pressing, and heat treatment. All quality control occurs in real time with process monitoring and self-correcting actions. Our process control reduces overall manufacturing risk and ensures high quality products with reproducibility, repeatability, and reduced failures.
For final inspection, Urban Mining Company has developed proprietary systems (hardware, vision, and AI) for 100% guaranteed inspection of defects and critical to quality characteristics (CTQs) including dimensional tolerances and coating thickness.
Urban Mining Company's commitment to quality, environment, health, and safety initiatives across the organization are a strategic decision designed to improve overall performance, provide value to its customers, and establish its leadership as it relates to sustainable development initiatives in manufacturing.
UMC leverages opportunities to prevent or mitigate adverse environmental impacts. It turns out, that’s better for business. Top management effectively addresses risks and opportunities by integrating environmental management into the organization's business processes, strategic direction and decision making, aligning them with other business priorities, and incorporating environmental stewardship and governance into its overall management system.
UMC's approach to quality and the environment brings additional purpose to its activities and provides a framework through which to view our growth and measure our success, while contributing to the high-tech and sustainable development of our society.

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