electric motors using Nd-Fe-B magnets exhibit improved:
PM electric motors are power delivery machines that produce more torque, especially at lower speeds.
PM electric motors are smaller and simpler.                                                
  durability & reliability
PM electric motors are more elegant with far fewer moving parts and last much longer with improved reliability and survivability since they are simpler machines and vastly easier to service and maintain.
  precision & control
"Smarter" PM motors allow for precise monitoring and control of speed, direction, trajectory, and rotation. Smarter PM motors can detect and troubleshoot problems and reduce repair/maintenance and downtime, while increasing reliability and safety. The PM electric motor can interface with computers more seamlessly maximizing integration and control further increasing power and efficiency.
Perhaps most importantly, PM electric motors are extremely efficient – converting greater than 90% of electrical energy input into mechanical output.
electric motors using Nd-Fe-B magnets have no serious rivals
Nd-Fe-B materials are the highest energy-to-weight permanent magnetic material. There is major emphasis on size/weight reduction across industrial sectors and for several reasons spanning from power, conversion efficiency, range and mpg, and lift/load to precision controls, sensors, and stealth (and more).
Electric motors using Nd-Fe-B magnets are extremely efficient, making them the best choice for applications where a battery supplies power and/or due to size and performance/weight ratio. Electric motors using Nd-Fe-B magnets do not suffer from mechanical resonances or high iron losses. There are no excitation losses which means substantial increase in the efficiency, higher torque and/or output power per volume, better dynamic performance due to higher/lower magnetic flux density in the air gap, simplification of construction and maintenance, and reduction of operating cost, etc.
urban mining company offers a solution that delivers:
  supply/price stability
UMC uses alternative, abundant, domestic source materials achieving reduced dependency and risk mitigation by eliminating supply interruptions and sudden price increases. M2MTM derives >95% of its raw materials from alternative sources and uses 60% less heavy rare earth elements, such as Dysprosium (Dy), than traditional manufacturers.
  superior performance
High performance applications require high energy magnets with high operating temperatures and tight tolerances. UMC Nd-Fe-B magnet products display increased temperature resistance, thermal stability, higher resistivity, and corrosion resistance. All of these properties have been independently verified and reported in the scientific literature.
  competitive price
UMC’s technology offers a materials cost advantage over all other conventional manufacturers, while insulating against price volatility.
Significant capability and control spanning automation and quality systems for "smart manufacturing". UMC's quality control is greater than 6-sigma standards and full, real-time reporting and traceability is available to our customers.
  technical/engineering support
It is important that application engineers have technical support at early stages of a new program, including design of materials and magnetic circuit, in order to achieve performance and avoid unnecessary costs and delays. UMC has full suite of personnel and facilities for development, testing, and evaluation during all stages in order to improve customer overall product development cycle.

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